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How is a coworking space different from a traditional office space?

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WeWork Staff

October 31, 2022

coworking space hot desk area

A coworking space, such as WeWork, is a membership-based workspace that offers flexibility and collaboration. It allows professionals from different companies to share a working area, promoting networking and community building. Compared to traditional offices, coworking spaces are more cost-effective and provide greater flexibility without long-term commitments. WeWork offers various options like private offices, hot desks, and dedicated desks, with premium amenities and a contemporary work culture.

The world is changing the way it works and its workspaces. While there is a constant tussle between flexible coworking spaces and traditional offices, industry individuals are not only opting for the former but also educating themselves on what suits their business best.

Coworking spaces like WeWork are membership-based workspaces that are ideal for all kinds of workers; from remote workers to freelancers, enterprises, and even multinational companies. Such spaces are designed to foster collaboration and productivity among creative minds.

An efficient space like WeWork allows for better time management and the ideal work life balance for the contemporary employee.

Traditional office vs coworking space - The concept

Traditional offices

Traditional offices are workspaces that have been around for ages. These are offices that are leased for individual businesses and organisations. Setting up a conventional office isn’t easy, it comes with a whole lot of responsibility wherein you look at every little and big element whilst setting up. You start from scratch, like choosing the appropriate space and designing it to your needs and move up to creating and managing an entire office ecosystem.

Coworking or flexible workspaces

Coworking or flexible workspaces are offices where you share the working area with other professionals from different companies and industries. As of today, WeWork is leading the coworking space with offices that are collaborative and build for individuals and enterprises alike.. WeWork gives you a range of spaces to choose from: from a private office to hot desks, one can choose as per their business requirements..

Costs and expenses

Traditional offices

In the tussle between traditional office vs coworking, the former is more expensive, both in terms of acquiring and handling. Big enterprises are slowly recognising this as an additional, avoidable expense that also comes with the added responsibility of decision-making. Have you ever thought how great it would be to have everything ready and personalised for you at a fraction of the cost?

Coworking/flexi offices

If you’re thinking of costs, flexible offices are a more feasible option for enterprises and independent workers alike. You get access to your own custom private office with state-of-the-art amenities like conference rooms and hot desks on a one-day pass and membership basis that can be purchased according to your needs. These memberships let you work out of flexible space as and when required and buy plans that work for you.

The flexibility - to co-work or not to co-work

Traditional offices

Traditional work spaces often come with a conventional lease, with very little flexibility. While you do get a free reign over the entire rented space -, it is economically limiting and becomes monotonous over time.

Coworking/flexible workspaces

A coworking space doesn't require you to sign a lease, hence making it flexible. All you have to do is get a membership for the kind of office you need, and you can work out of it as and when you want without any long-term commitment. Whether you need a private office for four months, 10 dedicated desks for a week, or a day pass, shared workplaces give you excellent flexible choices.

The community - making your Mondays easy breezy

Traditional offices

In traditional offices, employees have designated desks or cubicles. Imagine a Monday morning where you choose the spot you’d like to sit on instead of your everyday desk? Or the flexibility to sit with a coworker and catch up about work easily.

Coworking spaces

The very essence of coworking/flexible office spaces is building a community of like-minded professionals across different industries. Even if you have your own private office or a designated desk, you will have the chance to network with individuals from diverse backgrounds. It paves the way for excellent opportunities for big enterprises looking to grow and independent workers looking to branch out.


Ideally work shouldn’t feel tedious or boring and coworking spaces like WeWork aid in creating an inspirational space. WeWork provides flexible workspaces & office solutions with world-class amenities in major cities across India; one is able to experience a contemporary work culture with premium amenities. You get to work out of an office at your convenience, with a one-day pass or a membership. Choose from private offices, hot desks, dedicated desks, and many more flexible options, all at WeWork.

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