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Let's come together for a better tomorrow

Our purpose is to harness the power of our 70K+ strong community to make a positive impact on people and the environment.

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Our commitments

WeWork India is committed to taking care of the planet in every little and big way possible


With a benchmark EPI of 120kwh/sqm/year in 2019, we have a target to reduce energy by 20% by the year 2026


Driving efforts to divert 90% of waste from landfills by 2027 - 2028

Renewable energy
Renewable energy

Striving to use 100% renewable electricity by 2027 - 2028


Saving more water with a target of 20l per day, per person, a 55% reduction from our current metric, 45l per day, per person

Sustainability within our workspaces

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Impact at WeWork India

Tarahunise Lake Restoration image
Tarahunise Lake Restoration
  • Our recent biodiversity score survey observed 3227 organisms and 232 diverse species, which amplifies the richness of biodiversity in the area
  • Contributed to the return of many migratory and endangered birds like Cormorants, Darters, and Kingfishers
  • Installed 25+ floating wetlands, reducing nitrate levels in the water by 72.7%, improved water quality has revived marine life
  • Established a lake maintenance system for ongoing care, avoiding erosion and floods
  • The lake's waters contribute to the irrigation needs of the fertile lands, ensuring the prosperity of agricultural practices
  • The local communities around the lake remained non impacted by the recent water crisis in Bangalore
Living with Leopards Project image
Living with Leopards Project
  • Utilised camera traps, radio collaring, and anthropological studies for understanding leopards' behaviour
  • Trap cameras were set up in 49 locations in the park
  • WCS was able to profile over 52 leopards from this landscape
  • Fostered harmony through awareness workshops and stakeholder engagement
  • Conducted awareness sessions at schools, colleges, residential complexes and events
  • Carrying out reconnaissance surveys to identify suitable camera trap locations at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Assisting the forest department in rescuing operations and training forest department staff
Tarahunise Village image
Tarahunise Village
  • Strengthened TAICT partnership by extending impact from Tarahunise Lake to Tarahunise Village
  • Created EcoGram Shakti Sisterhood as custodians of the village
  • Created a tailoring skill development program, ‘Threads of Life’, for women in the village
  • Since adoption, 44 ladies successfully graduated from the ‘Threads of Life’ program leading to steady sources of income
  • Elevated awareness of plastic bans and sustainable alternatives
  • Conducted Trashonomics program in educational institutions with over 121 students
  • Streamlined waste collection with the 2Bin1Bag rollout

Hear from our community

WeWork India understands that impact is not always simple and straightforward and cannot be rolled out on spreadsheets, but depends on the co-operation of the target community. As an implementation agency for their CSR initiatives, we are grateful to have such a dedicated partner in WeWork.

Myriam Shankar,

Managing Trustee,

The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust

There is more community involvement at the lake as a result of all the work done there. Many locals frequent this area for walks; children adore the butterfly park, and shepherds favour the lake for herding


Lake Manager,

Tarahunise Lake

It has been a pleasure working with WeWork on our project on Human-Wildlife Interactions in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. Their desire to contribute to the larger cause of biodiversity conservation and sustainability has been particularly noteworthy, and the enthusiasm of the team both in engaging with the project team and in visiting the site has made it great to collaborate.

Mr Venu Parmeshwar,

Head of operations,

Wildlife Conservation Society - India

We are grateful for the support provided to us by WeWork. It has helped us immensely towards the smooth functioning of the leopard project. The long-term data we collect in this landscape will further strengthen our understanding of the coexistence model between humans and wild animals.

Dr Vidya Athreya,

Country Director,

Wildlife Conservation Society - India