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Why planning your office space is a necessity?

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October 31, 2022

Private Office Space at WeWork

Planning your office space is essential for productivity, efficiency, and work culture. WeWork offers flexible and well-designed spaces that enhance collaboration and branding. Office space planning involves assessing needs, setting a budget, creating a layout, and considering aesthetics. WeWork stands out with its community, cost-effectiveness, safety measures, and workspace options.

Locking in on the perfect space is the foremost step to creating   a productive office for your company. The next step, however, is even more crucial — deciding the layout of  that space.

An office space is an essential consideration for any business; it contributes to work culture, creativity and productivity.

Dynamic office spaces like WeWork are a great example of unmatched flexibility with great spatial planning that contributes to efficiency and growth.

The offices created by WeWork are premium, engaging spaces with designs that inspire and motivate freelancers and enterprises alike.

Let’s take a look at why an office space layout is important and how to go about planning for it.

What is office space planning?

As the name suggests, office space planning is all about setting up your office in a space that increases productivity and efficiency in ways most suitable for a business. Flexible office spaces like WeWork come with design, structure, technology and an entire set-up; you don’t have to plan anything at all.

A flexible or a coworking office space can be accessed on a membership basis and can be customised as per your requirements. At WeWork, you can make the most of your space with workspace solutions that are pre-planned and designed to suit your needs or spaces that you can design as per your brand identity.

Why is office space planning important?

  1. An office layout can enhance productivity - A properly laid-out office space like WeWork’s encourages workflow. Projects that require collaboration between multiple departments benefit when fluidity is a design goal.
  2. An office layout can save money - A well-planned layout will eliminate the wasted cost of unused space.
  3. An office layout boosts productivity -  A layout prioritising natural light improves mood and reduces stress.
  4. An office layout can encourage collaboration while maintaining privacy - It sounds like a tall order, but WeWork makes it possible with a mix of open and private workspaces, with common areas for brainstorming and phonebooths and conference rooms for focusing
  5. An office layout can add to your branding - When the aesthetics of your office are in line with your core values and vision, it sends a powerful message about your brand to your employees and customers.

Plan your office space in 4 steps

A flexible office space is one that enriches collaboration through smart interior design. Office space planning with WeWork is as easy as it can get. Here’s how.

  1. Assess the space and your needs - Before the actual planning, it helps to check if the space aligns with your business needs. With WeWork, you can analyse dynamics to understand how much time employees spend collaborating in meeting rooms and how much time they are at their desks.
  2. Set your budget – Set a clear budget and stick to it. It is best to - evaluate all current and future expansion plans and then arrive at an estimate. WeWork lets you scale and adapt as per your requirements and gives you the flexibility to grow as you go.
  3. Create the space plan -  Every office needs to have designated areas so that all the given space is utilised to the best of its capacity. WeWork offices are designed with the idea of work and play.  While there are rooms for meetings and business, there are also areas where once can unwind and take a break.
  4. Aesthetics- Office design and aesthetics are often underlooked but play a huge role in creating a inspirational workspace. WeWork spaces are an amalgamation of productivity, aesthetics and functionality along with services andpremiums amenities

Opting for coworking or flexible office spaces gives you just what you need without the added responsibility of creating it on your own. WeWork offices are carefully planned to facilitate collaboration, productivity, and a smooth flow of operation. Experience a revolutionary workspace with premium facilities like conference rooms, common areas, and more with WeWork.

Why WeWork's Office Spaces are Unique

When it comes to WeWork, you have access to premium spaces, amenities and versatile common areas; all you need to do is show up with your team, or by yourself, and you will have a space that suits your business needs. The growing economy coupled with a boom in startup cultire has made flexible workspaces the next big thing.. In changing times like these, WeWork provides unique and flexible spaces. Here‘s what sets us apart.

  1. Workspace design that exhibits flexibility -  Every WeWork includes aesthetically pleasing private offices and common spaces for varied needs.
  2. The power of community - Real-time feedback, recommendations, fresh perspectives, networking and the power of community is invaluable. Events, seminars, and informal catch-ups are a part of the WeWork atmosphere, enhancing team culture and collaborative growth 
  3. Cost-effective from the start - At WeWork, you don’t have to  negotiate with service providers and are guaranteed top-notch facilities at cost-effective prices.  Additionally, you always have the option to upscale at different growth stages.
  4. Safety first - Hygiene and sanitisation are extremely important, especially in this post-pandemic world. All  WeWork spaces maintain a high level of -cleanliness with regular sanitizations and are equipped with temperature screening.

At WeWork, there is a workspace option for all kinds of enterprises. Bigger teams that require privacy can choose to work out of WeWork’s Managed Offices or Private Offices. On the other hand, freelancers and remote workers can choose Day Pass or Hot desk, or a combination of both based on their requirements.

How to arrange your - office space?

WeWork buildings are designed with unique amenities and a whole lot of creativity. Creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere in an office space is important as employees spend a significant amount of their days there.. From being able to finish their work to actually feeling at peace, WeWork prides itself in creating spaces that only motivate its members. Here are a few things that WeWork offices have, and you should too.

  1. Retain open space - Packing in furniture is tempting, but the result is a space that is difficult to navigate and overwhelming. Retain open spaces wherever possible so that employees can easily converse with one another.
  2. Create activity-based areas -; Zones are always a great idea to segregate space. A quiet room forbrainstorming, and a collaboration zone are great for starters and you can create more as you go along.
  3. Attention to lighting - Access to natural light and big windows ensure productivity and good working days. Also, supplementing natural light with appropriate lighting wherever needed but with an option of customisation also aids in creating a good office space.  WeWork buildings pay special attention to natural light to create a space that enures inspiration.
  4. Plants and natural elements - WeWork spaces have open floor plants and, often, dedicated spaces to indoor greenery.  Plants induce productivity, and natural accents such as wood or concrete floors contribute to a more comfortable environment. Additionally, many of the WeWork buildings feature unique amenities such as open spaces and terraces that can be used for work and a quick break.

Why Choose a Coworking Space over a Traditional Office Space?

In addition to all the above-mentioned benefits and amenities  coworking spaces also provide flexibility and affordability. The opportunities to network in a flexible coworking space are plenty.. WeWork provides services and amenities in multiple packages, perfect for large corporations, budding enterprises and even freelancers.

Moreover, traditional spaces are often rigid when it comes to expansion or relocation plans of a business. Coworking spaces like WeWork can help you eliminate these, giving you a more cooperative and collaborative space that boosts productivity and creativity.

Why Should You Go for a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is perfect for enterprises, freelancers, remote workers, and startups. The benefits are particularly lucrative to small businesses starting out, like the ability to upscale, the flexibility of hiring large spaces on a need basis, the affordability of maintained office space, and services above the reach of a small business.

WeWork provides an  enriching space for employees to concentrate solely on building their professional empires.  For freelancers, there are multiple opportunities to network. With hassle-free spaces and all-inclusive leases, coworking spaces have been successful in luring even the biggest corporations out there. Conclusion

WeWork creates inspiring  and flexible office spaces that are made to suit your needs. An office space is where you spend a significant amount of time, and hence the decision to pick the right kind of space should be mulled over. WeWork makes this easy for you by providing premium office spaces that are designed, planned, and maintained. Come experience working in a space that works for you with WeWork.