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How to find the right coworking space for you and your team

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November 01, 2022

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Finding the right coworking space involves considering key factors. Location sets a business identity, while costs and flexible terms suit different enterprises. Amenities, design, and privacy impact productivity and well-being. WeWork offers diverse options across 40+ locations, fostering creativity, productivity, and work-life balance.

The benefits of coworking spaces have drastically one upped traditional offices. From startups, to entrepreneurs, to large corporations, they cater to everyone. Its benefits help foster flexibility, work-life balance, and creativity. Networking and collaboration is one of its greatest benefits that offer a host of opportunities for business to grow.

A deep dive into the benefits of coworking spaces:

  • Location

Your work location is an important consideration. It doesn’t just determine your commute time but defines an identity for your business. Whether it’s a commercial district or in the city centre, the location sets a tone for your clients and new hires. Pick a premium location that houses great companies. WeWork’s flexible offices are spread across 40+ locations countrywide, giving you a host of choices.

  • Costs

Coworking spaces are economical compared to renting and maintaining a full-fledged office, with coworking you only pay for what you use. Coworking spaces have options ranging from desks to private offices that are suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises alike. The flexible solutions range from one desk to an entire floor, with flexible terms and duration

  • Amenities

Most coworking spaces will have office furniture and free Wi-Fi built into the cost but look beyond the basics. Coworking spaces should have amenities that make your work life easier, like unlimited coffee, well-designed common areas, wellness rooms, gyms, game rooms, among others. All of these perks benefit productivity and give you ample opportunities to unwind with your team or start a conversation with someone new.

  • Design

The design of the space determines your work environment. A space with a pleasant vibe and aesthetic interiors will help you concentrate and be productive. A well-designed workspace is not just visually appealing—it helps you to get work done, connects you to your team, and keeps you motivated. Teams need physical and mental breaks during the day to stay productive; these breaks are linked to higher levels of employee engagement and creativity.

Your office should have a good mix of outdoor and indoor spaces meant for productivity and areas that help unwind. Natural sunlight and living plants are also effective mood enhancers, stress reducers, and air detoxifiers.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is why people turn to coworking spaces from a traditional setup. Over the years, hybrid work has become a popular setup among companies. To facilitate that, flexibility is an important factor to consider. Coworking spaces give you the freedom to choose when you come in and where you work. From lease to duration, exploring flexible plans lets you decide what suits your business best. Choose a place that allows you maximum flexibility in determining the duration of your lease, short-term use of large areas, scalability, working hours, and even the ability to move around easily from fixed to shared spaces.

  • Privacy

Privacy is a crucial deciding factor but a very subjective one. Everyone needs a space to focus and be productive, away from a crowd of coworkers. This is where the concept of coworking comes into play . These spaces offer options where it's possible to achieve a good balance of both. Open spaces for collaboration and private spaces like conference rooms and phone booths ensure privacy and help you work uninterrupted.

  • Common Amenities

Coworking spaces come with amenities that help maintain work-life balance. Need a quiet space to work? Walk into a beautiful library or a phone booth. Need to host a meeting? Book a conference room. You also get access to pools, fitness rooms, and vending machines. A supportive community team is also present to help you whenever you need.


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