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Innovative ways to use a meeting room for your business

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July 03, 2024

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Discover how to transform conference rooms for meetings into hubs for creativity, client experiences, networking events etc. with WeWork. Book your meeting room now!

Meeting rooms are more than just spaces for presentations and discussions; these spaces act as hubs for ideas to flourish, decisions to be made, and collaborations to thrive. In today's dynamic business environment, the functionality of meeting rooms has expanded beyond traditional uses.

In this blog, we will explore innovative ways to utilise meeting rooms effectively, ensuring they become key assets in your business strategy.

Understanding meeting room needs

Before moving to innovative ways of using a meeting or conference room, it is crucial to understand why you need one, whether it is for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, training, or client presentations.

While selecting a meeting room, consider factors like size, capacity, location, etc. Moreover, you must also look for the following when looking for a conference room for a meeting-

  • Technology and connectivity

Meeting rooms with state-of-the-art technology can enhance productivity and facilitate seamless communication. Meeting rooms at WeWork are equipped with audio-visual systems and high-speed Wi-Fi to support presentations, video conferences, and collaborative work sessions.

  • Maintenance and support

Ensure the regular maintenance of equipment and furnishings for uninterrupted functionality. Meeting rooms at our coworking spaces offer prompt technical support to address any issues swiftly, minimising downtime and maximising productivity during meetings.

  • Security and privacy considerations

Make sure that the meeting room has robust security measures to protect sensitive discussions and data.

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Innovative uses of meeting rooms

Now, let us explore some innovative ways to use a meeting room for your business:

Creative thinking spaces

Transform meeting rooms into creative hubs for brainstorming and innovation sessions. Use whiteboards and brainstorming tools to stimulate creativity and generate new ideas.

Client experience centres

Impress clients by creating bespoke experiences in well-designed meeting rooms. Personalise presentations with multimedia displays and offer interactive demonstrations to enhance client engagement and satisfaction.

Networking events and meetups

Organise networking events and industry meetups in our spacious meeting rooms. These events encourage knowledge exchange and foster partnerships.

Wellness and team-building activities

Promote employee well-being by using meeting rooms for wellness activities such as yoga sessions or team-building exercises. Create a relaxing environment that supports physical and mental health.

In conclusion

Innovative use of meeting rooms transforms them into dynamic spaces that can contribute to business success. By understanding diverse needs, incorporating advanced technology, and embracing workplace flexibility, businesses can leverage meeting rooms to increase creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

With WeWork, you can book a conference room at our coworking spaces and conduct collaborative and productive meetings with your team across different cities in India:


1. What can meeting rooms be used for?

Meeting rooms can be used for multiple purposes such as team meetings, client presentations, brainstorming sessions, workshops, training programmes, and interviews. They offer a versatile space for collaboration and decision-making.

2. How can I find conference rooms for rent near me?

Explore local coworking spaces like WeWork that offer conference rooms for rent. Know more about our on-demand day pass and conference rooms.

3. What are the benefits of meeting rooms at coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces provide access to well-equipped meeting rooms without the need for long-term commitments. They offer flexibility in booking options, networking opportunities, and a professional environment for productive meetings.

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