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At WeWork India, our aim is to build a culture of trust and ownership. We strive to drive high performance, provide an exceptional employee experience, and create an inspiring environment that helps our people become their best selves at work.


Our values

In a workspace that celebrates the diversity of our people, our core values bring us all together.


Karan Virwani
Karan Virwani
CEO, WeWork India

Besides being the CEO at WeWork, Karan is the Co-Founder and Director at Embassy Leisure and Lounge Hospitality. Before joining WeWork, he worked as the EA to the Chairman and Managing Director of the Embassy Group.

Karan is motivated by the opportunity and ability of managing and motivating leaders at WeWork. He resonates with the values of ‘Do The Right Thing’ and ‘Be Human, Be Kind’ in his leadership.

Bond with Karan on his love for food, and trust him to cook a mean Thai meal.

Priti Shetty
Priti Shetty
Head of People

Priti is a seasoned HR professional with 21 years of experience in leading Performance Management, Employee Relations, Rewards and Recognition, Management and Leadership Development, and Strategic HR Business Partnership. She has successfully led global and regional initiatives across industries ranging from retail, technology, financial services, ITES, to e-commerce. 

Priti is driven by the opportunity she gets to help people become the best versions of themselves in their journey to create their life's best work.  She resonates with the value of being ‘Be Human, Be Kind” and says WeWork provides her with the space and autonomy to bring her whole self to work and to inspire and lead the next generation of talent.

Priti is a free spirit and wants to look back at her life and say "I did it" rather than saying  "I wish I did it!". When she’s not working, she likes to travel, work out, cheer for her football club LFC and bond with her 12 year old.

Hiranmai Rallabandi
Hiranmai Rallabandi
General Counsel

Hiranmai brings two decades of blended experience with many years in law firms, as a General Counsel, and as the Legal Head for multinational companies like Bennet Coleman, Cushman & Wakefield, and LexisNexis Butterworths. 
She holds prestigious awards like a feature among the Top 100 powerful Women in Law in 2017 by the World IP Forum, Ranked at No. 6 in the Top 30 People to Look out for in the Field of Law in Asia by the Asia Law Portal in 2018, the Star Women Leading in Law in 2019 in India by Legal Era, nominated in the Final List for the General Counsel of the Year in APAC for 2019 by the In-House Community Congress, and recently, conferred with the Best Operational and Risk Mitigation Model 2019 as a partner representing MHA Legal by Achromic Point.

At WeWork, she believes in the value of ‘Strive To Be Better, Together’, and says we achieve a lot more when we strategise, brainstorm, and come up with successful ideas that cater to larger universal needs. 

If not a lawyer, Hiranmai would’ve been a food connoisseur by profession.

Raghuvinder Singh Pathania
Raghuvinder Singh Pathania
Head of Community and Operations

Raghu is the Head of Operations for India and comes with 19 years of expertise across Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Operations, and Customer Relations. 

Raghu’s approach to his work at WeWork is to always ‘Do The Right Thing’, as he challenges conventions and collaborates to achieve success.  

If you ever find yourself sitting across him at a dinner table, trust him to order Korean food every single time.

Vinayak Parameswaran
Vinayak Parameswaran
Head of Strategic Finance & Innovation

Vinayak brings an experience of 14 years to WeWork from a range of real estate companies, including Lodha Group and Embassy Group. 

Vinayak says that the problems we solve in corporate strategy at WeWork are unique and need disruptive and creative solutions. It involves thinking out of the box and a balance between short-term solutions and long term value creation. 

Vinayak believes in the value ‘Strive To Be Better, Together’, and says that the best ideas come to life not just when there are bright minds at work, but when there is participation and healthy debates. 

Vinayak has been scuba diving for over 8 and is a certified deep sea diver. He was also the first employee at WeWork India.

Arnav S Gusain
Arnav S Gusain
Head of Real Estate, Procurement, and Design

Arnav brings 24 years of real estate experience, ranging from Consultancy, Interiors, Construction, Asset Management, and Sale & Leasing. He has worked with successful businesses like the Embassy Group, Sigma group, SJR Developers, and UKN Properties before he joined WeWork. 

Arnav is driven by his field and loves to talk about real estate. His approach to work is to be ‘Be Human, Be Kind’ and he believes that great things happen when we are authentic to ourselves. 

Arnav is an avid trekker and once had to spend 4 days in the Himalayan mountains without food and survive just on water. He was also supposed to join the Indian Army.

Clifford Lobo
Clifford Lobo
Head of Finance

Clifford brings 2 decades of progressive corporate finance experience across diverse industries with brands like ESPN, Airtel, and i2 Technologies. Having spent the last decade with the Worldwide Leader in Sport, he has imbibed the philosophy of having fun at work without losing sight of the team, business unit and corporation’s objectives. 

When not working, one can find Clifford making learning fun for his 2 children, watching a good comedy movie with his family, and cooking his famous Appam and Stew breakfast with some spicy Vindaloo.

At WeWork, Clifford resonates the most with the value of ‘Be human, be kind’. He believes the real legacy we leave behind for which we will be eternally remembered, are the virtues of humanity and kindness.

Santosh Martin
Santosh Martin
Chief Revenue Officer

Santosh has been one of the pioneers in Bengaluru real estate with companies like CBRE, JLL, where he was the National Director, Divyasree Developers, where as the CEO he helped established major tech parks across Bengaluru and Hyderabad, and then as the CMO at Bagmane Developers.

When not working, Santosh reads voraciously. He’s recently got interested in children’s books all over again as he’s started reading them with his 8 year old son. 

Of all the WeWork values, he resonates with ‘Strive to be better, together’. While working, he believes in 2 things - 1, a captain is as good as his team and 2, the sum of the parts is always greater than parts.  He leads by bringing people together and supporting each other’s growth.

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