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A space for everyone

We celebrate the uniqueness that each of us brings to our culture and empower each other to be our most authentic selves at work.

We stand firmly for inclusion and actively work to maintain equality in our workspace. Our policies and culture are built on equal respect, especially gender diversity. Our overall company gender diversity currently stands at about 46%, and our leadership diversity ratio is around 38% (director and above); best in class in corporate India.

We’re in growth mode and have closed over 85 full-time openings in the first half of 2023, with over 60% of those hires being women and individuals from other under-represented communities

WeWork India was awarded the best organization for women empowerment in the Exchange4Media PR and Corp Comm Women Achievers Awards 2021, which is a recognition of our exemplary results in ensuring women’s safety and empowerment.

Diversity and Inclusion are always at play

Diversity and Inclusion are more than just a "nice to have" concept. It's a critical business driver.

  1. We believe that our actions speak louder than words and we are proud of our inclusive people policies. Our Medical insurance coverage includes partners of our LGBTQ+ employees. We have also extended our maternity leave to the primary caregiver to make it gender-neutral.  We provide two months of paternity leave which can be used until six months from the baby's birth. This allows fathers at WeWork to spend time at home and help in raising their children.

We have added various enhancements to our medical insurance:

  1. Widow/widower cover
  2. Infertility cover
  3. Maternity cover
    1. All mothers (birthing, adoptive or foster) get 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. Additionally, employees are applicable for the below leaves:
  4. Tubectomy: 14 days
  5. Miscarriage: 42 days
  6. Adoption: 182 days of leave for the primary caregiver
  7. Childbirth: 182 days for the mother
  8. Surrogacy: 182 days of leave for the primary caregiver
  9. Women provide mentoring and receive mentoring through WeWork India’s Guru programme, which helps them develop the necessary skills and capabilities aligned to their aspirations
  10. We launched Woman Networking Events to provide our Women with strong support networks and an opportunity to form new and strengthen existing connections with other women at WeWork
  11. We started a  practice of Ally Awards to recognise allies - collaborators, mentors, and advocates who promote equity and drive inclusion in the workplace for women
  12. Company-wide Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion sensitisation and financial wellness training is held regularly to create awareness and provide the right tools for empowerment
  13. We believe representation matters. Interviewer panels include at least one woman interviewer. Mandatory interview skills training is conducted regularly to elevate awareness around biases and drive fairness and consistency in the hiring process

Workspace that’s built for you

  1. To reflect inclusion in our workplace design, we have gender-neutral bathrooms across most buildings. Approximately 75% of all our buildings pan India have a new mother’s room to support feeding needs after childbirth
  2. We also partnered with Klay to provide parents and returning mothers with a supportive creche facility
  3. Free sanitary napkins/tampons are available in the restrooms
  4. 24/7 x 365 confidential counselling support, face to face, online or telephonic, is offered via Plum.


  1. The referral bonus payout is 1.5 times for  diverse candidates who get selected (any strand of diversity - Gender, Person with disabilities, LGBTQ+)
  2. Compensation parity - equal pay for equal work is a principle we follow in our rewards process, and we do regular internal checks to ensure there are no disparities
  3. Quarterly gender diversity reports reviewing headcount, promotions, attrition, department and levels.

We have given scholarships to 7 women (44% of the total granted scholarships) as part of the WeWork India Further Education program in 2022 to enable women to study while they pursue their careers at WeWork India.

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