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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERG groups allow our employees to engage and participate in a cause they strongly believe in. It gives them a unique platform and perspective to learn from and implement internally to enhance our community.

Our Employee Resource Groups

Enabled by We

Our mission is to make our workspaces fully accessible, drive inclusion through education, and continue to empower and represent the community through advocacy.

Women of WeWork

We strive to provide a platform for all women employees to showcase their talents on a larger scale and find avenues to excel through focused career conversations, development training and benefits during maternity and wellness leave.


We are committed to building a supportive and affirming atmosphere for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and asexual (LGBTQIA) employees and allies.

Tails of We

Our mission is to create a better world for our animals. Every animal deserves to be cared for an we are doing our part.

The Wellness Club

We prioritise employee well-being by offering diverse initiatives. Through various workshops and activities, we empower our team to achieve physical fitness, mental balance, and spiritual growth. Our holistic approach ensures all aspects of wellness are nurtured.

Parents of We

The Parents of We is dedicated to supporting and empowering parents within and outside our organisation. We are a vibrant community that provides a safe and inclusive space for parents and guardians to connect, share experiences, and access valuable resources.

How it works


Defined charters

Each ERG will have a clear goal/mission to track its efforts in line with the company's business goals. Annual targets will be assigned to each group.


Executive team support

Our Leadership Team is committed to building an inclusive workspace and a dedicated team member will work with each ERG to provide guidance and advocacy.


Collaboration across departments & regions

Through regular catch-ups and with the support of the Culture Team, you will get to work on new projects and meet employees from different departments and regions.


Actions & engagement

Your efforts will translate into actual work - policy implementations, training, events, networking groups, partnerships and more!

ERGs in action

Some of our recent achievements and proudest moments

An evening with Drag by Satrangi

Love knows no boundaries, nor does the expression of gender. At WeWork India, we are intentional in building an inclusive culture that bridges any divide. During Pride Month, the Satrangi ERG hosted an Evening with Drag, with the two fabulous Drag Queens, Zeeshan Ali and Jiiva Anirudh. It was the biggest celebration of gender expression and self identity and a showstopper of an Event.

There is power in relationships that extends beyond a generic introduction. The Woman of We ERG hosts Woman Networking sessions across India, with the objectives to enable and strengthen connections between women and to create a support system for women at WeWork India. The sessions also give our Women the opportunity to share and strengthen their skills and to garner ideas from other women.

On World Mental Health Day the WeCare ERG hosted a range of different activations to create more awareness about mental health and encouraged more conversations about Mental well-being at the workplace. Self-compassion and giving gratitude were common themes amongst those activities hosted on a building level.

Project Gubbare is an initiative, which aims to create a difference in the life of specially abled children pan India. Employees of WeWork form small focus groups and plan visits to care homes and schools. During those visits they host a set of different activities and games with the children. This helps to create awareness and also enables togetherness and it is a great opportunity for our employees to create an impact.