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I just became a World of WeWork member. Can I avail the offer benefits on my current booking?

Yes, you are entitled to a 5% additional discount for conference room and bundle bookings and 10% additional discount on day passes, which you can claim during checkout. Your membership and its benefits are valid for 1 month from the time of purchase.

How many Spacepoints can I earn?

You earn 1 Spacepoint for every rupee you spend, so you can earn as many Spacepoints as the amount you spent purchasing any On-demand product.

I got some Spacepoints after I joined World of WeWork, when can I start using these Spacepoints?

You can start now! These additional Spacepoints can be used for any WeWork On-demand booking on the checkout page. However, this will be based on the applicable limit for the respective products. You can only use them when you book through the online journey. If the Community team makes a booking on your behalf, they will not be able to apply these Spacepoints.

I got 50% off on day passes after a successful referral. How long will this be valid?

The 50% off coupon code will be valid for 2 months from the date of a successful referral. A successful referral is considered when a referee completes an On-demand purchase. You can find your coupon code under the ‘My Account’ section. This offer code cannot be applied against day pass bundles or conference room bookings.

Can I cancel/get a refund for my World of WeWork membership?

The membership is non-refundable and non-transferable once purchased.

Can I transfer my Spacepoints to another account?

No, you will not be able to transfer your Spacepoints to another account.

I got some Spacepoints after I joined World of WeWork, how long will they be valid?

The Spacepoints will be valid for 6 months after your last transaction and can only be redeemed if you are an active member.

Can I redeem my Spacepoints along with an ongoing offer?

Spacepoints can be redeemed when clubbed with ongoing offers (coupon codes) or discounts, subject to terms and conditions.

Redemption logic

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What are the limitations for redeeming Spacepoints?

While making a purchase, if you redeem your 50% discount for referring a friend, Virtual Office or bundle credits, you will not have the option to redeem Spacepoints. Multiple discounts are not applicable in these cases.

Is there a limit to the number of Spacepoints that I can redeem?

Yes, there is a limit to the number of Spacepoints that can be redeemed during a single transaction. The maximum number of Spacepoints that can be redeemed will appear on the cart page.

What are the exclusive benefits and offers that I can get as a part of World of WeWork?

World of WeWork members are eligible for exclusive offers and exciting deals. These benefits will be communicated to the members through their registered email addresses.

Will World of WeWork members see a lower price for the same product, on the same day, as compared to others?

This is possible only when different coupon codes are being applied to the bookings. Without any other offer/coupon code, there is no difference in actual prices being shown to World of WeWork members and others. As a World of WeWork member, you will always get an additional discount on all products.

Once expired, can Spacepoints be re-credited?

No, Spacepoints that have expired cannot be re-credited.