WeWork | A space to make a life, not just a living

A space to make a life, not just a living

At WeWork India, we aim to foster the holistic development and well-being of our employees. This translates to not just producing quality work but also allows for much-needed time off or ‘me’ time to unwind and rejuvenate. Our policies reflect our culture

Another step we’ve taken in this direction is our new ‘workation’ and revised leave policy.

  • Our people can enjoy a workation for 10 working days in a year; the choice to work from anywhere and to travel to new places in India while working through the day. This also provides our people an opportunity to work from different WeWork locations or buildings.
  • 12 days of Wellness Leave that includes sick days, mental health leave, period leaves, etc. 
  • We are a pet-friendly organization. Under our parental leave policy, we offer employees the option to work from home for a week, during pet adoption.
  • In order to support employees during difficult times of personal loss, we offer bereavement leave and this has been extended to include pets as well.
  • Impact Leave to be used for any 1 day to engage in any volunteering or Impact related activity of choice. This is to create an opportunity for our employees to give back to the community and support environment-focused initiatives. 
  • 20 days of Privilege Leave (PL) that can be availed for a variety of reasons - vacation, travel, marriage, education, exams, pursuing a hobby, being a caregiver to family members, etc.
  • In addition, our employees can also celebrate 15 public holidays with their loved ones on festivals and important national holidays, etc.