WeWork | A space to be a student for life

A space to be a student for life

We’re a curious bunch and we’re here to learn and grow. WeWork has a systematic approach to nurturing its people professionally and personally to become the best versions of themselves.

At WeWork, we’re all students of life, for life. As a community, we work actively to create opportunities within our space to learn from each other, with a series of structured processes that inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. Successful initiatives implemented by our learning and development team include the HBX Live with the Harvard Business School, where WeWork employees can attend a specially curated class with professors at the Harvard University. We have the Personalised Development Program, which brings together activities and interactive learning material to develop eight essential competencies for growth in our employees. We also have the Guru Program, which promotes cross-functional mentorship within the organisation, where senior leaders personally mentor employees for a quarter to develop personal and professional skills.

HBS Live, the Harvard Business School ‘Wall’:

The HBX Live is a virtual classroom session organised for WeWork employees in partnership with the Harvard Business School. The program curates specialised lessons with Harvard’s faculty to give a first-hand learning experience to the participants. The first three of our successful case study based lessons have been with Frances Frei, Senior Vice-President for Leadership and Strategy at Uber and a Professor at Harvard; Ryan Buell, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard; and Ananth Raman, American economist and a Professor of Business Logistics at Harvard.

The Trusted Leader with Frances Frei

Pavithra Rajagopal - “The Wall is a great forum for individuals across global locations to share, learn, and grow together. My 90 minutes during Francis Frei’s session was a mix of enthusiasm, eagerness to learn coupled with a tad bit of nervousness. I remember the session happening at 5 AM IST, but the early hours surprisingly kept me pumped through the day! It surely was a great experience, one I will always cherish.” 

Achieving Operational Excellence with Ananth Raman

Priyanka Peeramsetty- “Thanks to WeWork's collaboration with HBS Online, being on 'The Wall', for starters, means two things. One, you get to understand what concepts are critical for you to build a global service provider, that's exponentially growing at an unprecedented pace. Two, you get to have the luxury of being a student while working, to discuss those critical developments with a global cohort, real time. There's personal learning and community dialogue. Can anyone ask for more?” 

The Personalised Development Program

The Personalised Development Program is a series of sessions conducted for our people to develop and hone essential professional competencies, to help them grow at WeWork. The training for each competency is developed by experts and mentored by one member of the WeWork leadership team who champions the skill. 

The competencies we help our people develop at WeWork are divided into two categories - core competencies for every employee, and manager competencies only for people managers. 

Core competencies:

Adapts with Resilience
Creates Meaningful Connections
Delivers Against Goals
Embraces Growth
Makes Good Decisions

Manager competencies: 

Develops Strong Teams
Builds Trust
Leads with Excellence

Nikita Gupta  “I attended the PDP session on ‘Creates meaningful connections’ and it was truly insightful. The main focus areas and learning outcomes were, Focusing on ‘We’, not on just ‘Me’, how staying vulnerable can also be seen positively when it comes to building connections, and the importance of empathy within a community."

The WeWork India Alumni Network: 

The WeWork India Alumni Network is a platform that keeps our employees a part of our family and enables them to share their life's work with us even after they move on from WeWork. The network furthers our stand on keeping community at the heart of what we do at Wework, and to create spaces that foster collaboration. With the WeWork India Alumni Network, our ex-employees stay privy to the latest news at WeWork, engage with the current and previous leadership, and get the opportunity to join WeWork again with the Rehire program. 

To know more, reach out to culture@wework.co.in