WeWork | Culinary Festival

The Culinary
Festival 2020

8th - 12th November 2020
While for most of us, the state of the art culinary experiences have been affected lately, there is certainly some light at the end of the tunnel! In collaboration with the Embassy Group, WeWork has curated these divine gourmet experiences exclusively for you. We’re bringing a series of well-sorted masterclasses by industry veterans straight to your home. From clean eating to the art of food plating, experience it all during the Culinary Week!
The Culinary Festival 2020 by WeWork
Experience the finest gourmet affair as we bring a wholesome culinary experience to your kitchen by curating an array of exclusive masterclasses by industry veterans.
  • Session 1 Let the brunch Be-Gin!

    Webinar 8th November, 2020 12 - 1pm

    Join the new homegrown cosmic themed gin brand, Samsara, as they take us on their journey of self-expression, curiosity, and wanderlust. With a masterclass like none other, learn the art of creating gin cocktails that are perfect for your Sunday Brunch!

  • Session 2 Mexican Fiesta by Sanchez

    Webinar 8th November, 2020 1 - 2pm

    Join us for an exclusive session with Chef Vikas Seth (Chef & Culinary Director - Embassy Leisure) as he unravels his travel expedition to Mexico and hosts a virtual culinary masterclass while sharing some of his most renowned Mexican delicacies.

  • Session 3 O Pedro’s Kitchen Secrets
    with Chef Hussain

    Webinar 9th November, 2020 6 - 7pm

    What better way to celebrate this festive season than a scrumptious meal? Join Chef Hussain as he trades his kitchen secrets and conducts an interactive workshop on recipes inspired by the Goan cuisine!

  • Session 4 #FSArtofPlating by Four Seasons

    Webinar 10th November, 2020 6 - 7pm

    There’s a very old saying that we eat with our eyes first. A beautiful presentation allows you to begin anticipating the flavours of a dish before you take the first bite. Join us for a masterclass of protips for Instagrammable dishes by Chef Dirham Haque, Four Seasons, as he teaches us the art of arranging, decorating, and presenting food in a way that improves its aesthetic appeal to the diner when served.

  • Session 5 Seasonal & Clean Eating by CAARA

    Webinar 11th November, 2020 6 - 7pm

    Step up your seasonal and clean eating plan with Chef Lokesh (Corporate Chef, CAARA) as he takes us through an exciting masterclass of preparing 3 dishes that you can easily cook at home and also highlight ingredients that are both seasonal and beneficial for your body and mind.

  • Session 6 Wine o’Clock by Sula

    Webinar 11th November, 2020 7 - 8pm

    Join us for a virtual Wine o’Clock session with SULA as they tingle your taste buds through a winemaking and tasting workshop. Also, keep an eye out on winning exciting hampers from SULA as they host a pop quiz towards the end of the workshop.

  • Session 7 The Happy Gut Workshop by Atmosphere

    Webinar 12th November, 2020 6 - 7pm

    We’re ending the Culinary Festival 2020 with Rebekah and Ariella, founders of Atmosphere Kombucha, as they interact with us in their Happy Gut workshop. Tune in to know about the benefits of a balanced gut and learn how to improve your gut health

    As a take-away, learn to make your very own sauerkraut - a fermented cabbage probiotic that tastes delicious and is full of good bacteria.