WeWork | A space to create impact

A space to create impact

We know that there’s only one planet for us all, and as a group who’s looking to create impact with our work, we’ve taken a stand for environmental sustainability at WeWork.

WeWork isn’t just a space for its employees, we create workspaces for over 40,000 members across the country and over 662,000 members across the globe. That’s a huge opportunity for us to drive a positive change and create an environmentally aware community of people. 

Every person in our community across the globe contributes to the positive impact we’re trying to bring on the environment. Here are a few initiatives we take as an organisation.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for single-use plastics in our spaces, this includes balloons, plastic cutlery, and design elements within the offices. Walk into a WeWork and you’ll spot our signature steel drinking glasses and decomposable paper cutlery. 
  • We don’t buy leather for furniture or furnishings for our workspaces and have a strict policy against replacing it with PVC (vinyl) faux leather. 
  • We practice energy conservation in our buildings with energy monitoring and occupancy sensors to optimise lighting consumption in real time.
  • We practise water conservation with aerators on all water faucets, and conduct regular indoor air quality checks to give our community a healthy environment to work in.

At WeWork India, we have an Impact program that acts as a platform for our employees to make meaningful change in our community. Our teams get to share their passion for different causes by working on strategic initiatives to create a difference in the world beyond our buildings.

To know more, reach out to culture@wework.co.in.