WeWork | A space for everyone

A space for everyone

At WeWork India, we celebrate the uniqueness that each one of us brings to our culture and empower each other to be our most authentic selves at work. With this, we actively drop labels and stereotypes to create a workplace that is diverse and equal.

At WeWork, we take a strong stand for inclusion and actively work to maintain equality at the workspace every day. Our policies and workplace culture are built on the foundation of equal respect, especially in terms of gender. 

This is reflected in our 2019 Diversity Report, which showed that WeWork India achieved a 47% overall gender diversity last year, a number we are proud of and are continually working to improve. 

2019 was a year of rapid growth for WeWork and of the 312 new employees we hired this year, 45% were women. We ensured that diverse perspectives were reflected at every stage during the hiring process, where 33% of the interviewers were women.  

2019 saw over 50% diversity in the employees who got promoted at WeWork India, which brought the representation of women at the manager and higher levels to 36% by the end of the year. 

To build a more inclusive workspace and to empower our employees to be their most authentic selves, we’ve launched the Employee Resource Groups (ERS) in 2020. An ERG is a network of individuals within our teams who feel strongly about a certain diversity strand, are willing to lead change, and support the WeWork community to become more inclusive.  The work within an ERG can range from education and awareness, sensitisation, community-led events, real tangible initiatives that include policy changes, new practices, etc.

We currently have four active ERGs within our community - ‘Parents at WeWork’, ‘Enabled by We’ - our resource group for people with disabilities,  ‘Women of WeWork’, and ‘Satrangi’ - our network of LGBTQ+ supporters.

We’re a happy bunch of people and we do our best every day to keep our workplace that way. We are proud of a culture that thrives on openness and transparency and we have employee friendly policies in line with industry best practices, to create an inclusive and safe workplace for everyone. We have an empowering parental leave policy with additional benefits like day care partnerships, a new mothers room in most buildings, and a culture that supports a healthy work-life balance. Reach out to inclusion@wework.co.in to know more.